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Aroma Remedies Bath Bomb Set


Brand Copper Lane Gifts & Interiors

A collection of hand pressed Green Bubble Gorgeous Bath Bombs, made with essential oils. Our Aroma Remedies collection for natural relief of cold and flu, aches and pains and headache/migraine 

Here is what you get, packaged and labeled in an adorable 6 pack egg carton: 
2-2oz. Cold and Flu (Eucalyptus and Rosemary) 
2-2oz. Aches and Pains (all anti inflammatory: Rosemary, Grapefruit, Black pepper) 
2-2oz. Lavender Peppermint for Headaches and Migraine 

What is a bath bomb? An effervescent for your relaxing bath! Fizzy, foamy, skin softening, yummy smelling bath goodness. Just drop in after the tub is full and Indulge! 

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